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Terpenes natural cancer cure

Terpenes natural cancer cure.

Terpenes natural cancer cure.

Figthing cancer, there is a new way.




Its called Terpene therapy or Phytochemicals therapy.

It works the same was a chemotherapy just without the nasty side-effects.

There are numerous studies done on the amazing cancer killing effects of Terpenes. See below.

The following info is meant to inform only, please note i`m not making any claims that this will cure your cancer but if I was in that situation I would look in to this seriously.

You make up your own mind as to whether the following information  is something you will act on.

My role is that I make the information and the natural remedies available according to your needs.

If you have a particular type of cancer you need information about please contact me and I will do the relevant research and I will forward the information to you so you can make an informed decision of how you want to proceed.

I have more than 30 different Terpenes availebly and  20 of those has been proven to be able to kill cancer cells the same way chemo does.

Terpenes are what is commenly used in Chemo but as we know used that way they have a lot of undesirable side effects, Terpenes works the same way.

It is quit remarkable reading the following studies showing what effect  available Terpenes can have on cancer cells.

I have a selection of  Terpenes, that has been proven in studies to be effective on different types of cancer, together with Berberine, Turmeric Oil, Curcumin powder ,Squalene,Nigella sativa oil, Retonic acid, Ferulic acid available in capsules.

Using a system called self-nanoemulsifying I provide Berberine and Curcumin that is 300% more bio-avalible than if you take Berberine or Turmeric powder.

Min dose: Mix of cancer Terpenes  and 3 x 500mg  Berberine and Curcumin +Turmeric capsules a day.

High dose: Mix of cancer Terpenes and 6 X 850mg Berberine  and Curcumin +Turmeric capsules a day.

Terpenes, Curcumin oil Berberine all has an outstanding safety profile.

If your on medication and want to start taking high doses of Berberine please read this and do your own research:


I will strongly recommend that you take full spectrum CBD oil at the same time.

See https://cbdoilman.ie

If you ask yourself why is this not done by big pharmaceutical companies the answer is simple, they don’t want to use Terpenes or essential oils thats available to the public as they cant make Billions on it then.

They are fully aware of the potential of Terpenes as they make 200 Billion on cancer patients every year.

If you have question feel free to contact me.

What are Terpenes?


Terpenes are what you smell in a plant.

Terpenes are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers.

Terpenes are very concentrated 98% hence so powerful.


Simple explanation how Terpenes works to kill cancer cells.

Schematic representation of carcinogenesis model.

 In step 1, 2 and 3 various carcinogen and reactive oxygen species ROS entering the cell.

Step 4: the entered carcinogen causes genetic mutations that leads to cancer initiation.

Step 5: interference of carcinogen and ROS with cellular proteins, enzymes and growth factors.

The attack of carcinogen and ROS on DNA, proteins and enzymes of a normal cell.

Step 6: transformation of normal cell into cancerous cell.

Step 7: Proliferation of cancer cell.

Step 8: Tumour cell.



Step 9: Different bioactive compounds isolated from different plant materials.

Step 10: Application of bioactive compounds on cancerous cell.

Step 11: Either cell become normal after phytochemical therapy.

Step 12: Or phytochemicals causes apoptosis in cancerous cell.

Terpenes natural cancer cure
Terpenes natural cancer cure

Terpenes natural cancer cure.

Terpenes have not only been shown to exert biological activities that are a far cry from any single chemotherapeutic drug but have also exhibited little or no toxicity.

These phytochemicals have been found to induce a wide spectrum of activities such as reduction in oxidative stress, suppression of inflammation, induction of apoptosis, regulation of cell cycle, inhibition of cell proliferation and also modulation of multiple signal transduction pathways.

In essence, these pleiotropic mechanisms could explain their antineoplastic properties against liver cancer.

Phytochemicals, terpenes  have drawn a considerable amount of attention due to their ability to selectively kill tumor cells and suppress carcinogenesis in preclinical animal models.

A large number of these plant-derived substances have been shown to significantly prevent or delay cancer development in several high risk populations.

Mounting evidence, based on in vitro experiments and studies involving animal models as well as humans, support potential chemopreventive and therapeutic effects of diverse phytochemicals in cancer.

List of cancer killing Terpenes I have in stock:

Neem oil






caryophyllene oxide







Pine needle oil


Caryophyllene oxide




The following has also been proven to kill cancer cells and should be taken with Terpenes.


Nigella sativa oil

Curcumin powder


Ferulic acid

Retonic acid

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