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  1. Bibs Cronin. 23/01/2018 at 5:34 pm - Reply

    Bibs Cronin.
    Let me tell you I have used this guys CBD oil as I have many health issues one being fibromyalgia which is a very debilitating illness that conventional medicine struggles to deal with and the only relief that I get from the constant stress pain and muscle spasms is from this totally natural product. Also just to let you know it does not make me feel high or hippy trippy it just calms my nerves endings down so that I don’t feel so much pain and then my muscles don’t spasm . So at last I am able to get a few hours sleep this has not happened for years with all the perception medications that I have been prescribed, Thanks mr CBD oil man .ie

  2. Bifrost 23/01/2018 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    How to tell snake oil from genuine Full spectrum Co2 extracted CBD oil.

    First let me explain what I mean by “snake oil”

    Its either coconut oil, hemp oil or olive oil that has got a drop or two of CBD in them and is then flogged online as real CBD oil.

    That’s fraud simple as that.

    So how does a novice that’s looking for real CBD oil tell the difference?

    Can you trust the many websites to tell you the truth about their products, clearly not!

    So what’s the solution?

    Its rather simple, first you use your eyes and then when you get the product you use your sense of smell and taste.


    What does real CBD oil look like?

    Its ALWAYS with no exception dark brow in colour.

    Its simply due to the fact that you make CBD oil by adding a carrier oil to the thick black paste.

    Hence if your oil has no color it has no CBD in it to give it color, except if food coloring has been added, then you have to rely on your nose and taste buds, they can’t be fooled like our eyes.

    So if you see a light green color such as this or clear or even a light brown such as this its NOT full spectrum CBD oil.

    At best it’s a isolate or just on of the 113 Cannabidiol that is found in Full spectrum CBD oil.

    If its made from an isolate the question is where was it made and from what?

    Second question why would you want to take an isolate in the first place?

    I have not found a way to figure out that answer, if you have please let me know.

    That would be a bit like buying a really good old Brandy or Whiskey and then distill it at home, drink the alcohol and dump the tasty stuff in the sink, hmm what a waste.

    And LOTS of the isolates are made in China, many of them are likely made synthetically, not for my brain thank you.

    So what does the genuine article look like?

    See bottom photos.

    RIGHT: This is Co2 extracted Full spectrum CBD paste as it comes out of the Co2 processor.

    That the basic raw material for making Full spectrum CBD oil.

    If its not done by Co2 I would be skeptical so that’s what I will focus on here.

    So now you are equipped to make an educated choice when buying your Genuine Full spectrum CBD oil.


    If its not dark in color leave it be.

    If it does not make you say WOW that’s strong and tasty and if it fails to make you “feel it” after a min or two taking 1 or 2 drops on your tongue it’s not what it says on the bottle, its snake oil.

    Pictures are coming ASAP

    First to the right is 3000mg or 30% CBD

    Second one is 1500mg or 15% CBD

    The coin is the 1000mg or 10%

    Last one is the raw CBD concentrate paste that’s my raw material.

    CBD oil

  3. Bifrost 12/02/2018 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    CBD oil is officially legal in Ireland.

    The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) is the independent regulator of health
    products in Ireland.

    CBD oil is legal in Ireland says HPRA:

    Section 3 :
    Cannabis for Medical Use

    A Scientific Review
    The Health Products Regulatory Authority
    convened an expert working group to assist with its review of the potential medical use of cannabis, as requested by the Minister for Health
    . The key findings of the working group are:

    A distinction can be drawn between cannabis products containing
    tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and those, such as certain cannabidiol (CBD) oils, which contain no THC.
    The latter are not subject to the Misuse of Drugs legislation, and do
    not contain the psychotogenic capable of causing symptoms associated with
    psychosis, including delusions, delirium and hallucinations) element of cannabis.

    As such, products containing only CBD are not considered ‘controlled drugs’,
    and can be provided under existing legislation.

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